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      Ultra Link 5.2 is the 5th version of Ultra Link. We provide Games, Music, FYI,        Site Help, and Links.
  Every thing on this site is free, but we may put U.L. or any other logo we approve  
  on any of our Items.
  You many   copy anything on our site now, With Flash it is impossible to copy any
  thing on the flash
  part of our site.

  Ultra Links

  Yellow Storm @ www.yellowstorm.itgo.com      - Version 1.0
  Ultra Link left nav bar @ www.ultralink.8m.net   - Version 2.0
  Ultra Link 2 frames @ www.ultralink.8m.net      - Version 3.0
  Ultra Link @ ul.8m.net @ www.ul.8m.net           - Version 4.0
  Ultra Link in Flash @ www.ultralink.8m.net        - Version 5.0

  Made by Dan Cole